Saturday, September 7, 2013

Guest Post. Shay Jordan - Blogging for You

Today I'm happy to have Shay Jordan on The Crafeteria. Shay has a fantastic blog about social media, motivation, blogging and more. Her posts always make me think and she has so many great ideas. Go ahead and check her blog out!

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And now, to Shay!

You’ve reached that moment, where you realized that you have barely had time pee and now its bedtime. The kids are sleeping, the dishes are done (okay, sometimes) and you just want to crawl up with a glass of wine and watch one of your favorite shows. Ahhh…… doesn’t that sound lovely?

Usually that moment comes and while I do watch a show 75% of the time, I also just enjoy writing to clear my mind. When I blog, it is helping me get closer to “shutting down” my brain. On the days I don’t blog or write in my journal, you can tell because I’m much more high strung. Chad says I’m too snappy and irritable, unless you feed me chocolate, then I will love you forever.

How Does Blogging Help?

Putting Yourself Out There - I have never met anyone, whether it be a writer, author, blogger, etc that doesn’t put themselves out there, even in the smallest way. Writing allows a sneak peek in to thoughts and feelings. How cool is it to see someone’s thought process as they blog and completely relate to them? Not only does it make them real, it makes you feel more real too. Could be weird or totally awesome...I’d go with awesome!

Experience - If you’re like me and you love to profit off of your work, it helps you fine tune what you’re going to say and learn your writing style. You can play around with it, find what works and what doesn’t work for you and/or your target market. Finding different tones, learning from other writer’s tones and taking it all in helps you to be a better writer, it is the coolest thing.

Networking - I have met so many amazing people with blog hopping and creating relationships with others. It is amazing how reading other’s blogs, you get to feel like you’re a part of their life and I really enjoy that. I love that I am able to come to Tal’s blog and see what she did with her kids or go to a business blog and see what kind of marketing tip they used to gain 10 new likes. You feel like you’re right there and I really appreciate that.

These are just a few of the many benefits I think that I get from blogging. Share! What do you get from blogging? What are your favorite aspects?

I asked Shay to pick three of her favorite posts. Here they are -

1. Are You Vulnerable In Your Business


  1. Aww! Thanks Tal! I loved writing a guest post for you :)

    thank you for allowing this opportunity for me :)

    1. Thanks for your post, Shay! It was awsome as always!

  2. Very well said, Shay! It's true that blogging does open us up to a whole new audience outside our social network! I love learning from other people's experiences!

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