Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Now It's Your Turn - The Crafeteria's Weekly Pinterest Party

I know, I know, we missed 2 weeks of our Pinterest Party. Will you believe me when I tell you the last few weeks have been REALLY crazy? It's the holidays season here in Israel, and that means no school, family gathering and basically - no time for me to breathe. So I'm sorry again, but hey, at least I made it today!
Now, to the party!

Now it's your turn!

Remember? You pin your pictures to the Pinterest Group Board, get views from hundreds of followers and maybe even get to be featured here next week.

How to pin your photos to the group board?

1. Follow me on Pinterest
2. Leave a comment, here or on any of my Pinterest pins, with your Pinterest user name.
3. I'll follow you back
4. I'll send you an invite
5. Accept the invite
6. Start pinning!

Begginers, here's a detailed explanation:
- You have to follow me on Pinterest (and I have to follow you), because these are Pinterest's rules for group boards. If the board admin wants to invite people to the pin to the board, they have to follow each other. You can only follow one of my boards, btw.
- You don't have to be bloggers. As long as your pictures are somewhere around the WWW, you're good. Flickr, Picasaweb, Instagram etc. are all fine.
- Your pin doesn't have to be a tutorial. As long as it can be an inspiration to someone, that's fine.
- If you have a non-English blog, that's OK. These days, with Google Translate, we can just translate the page to another language.

All right then, shall we see today's features?

I love wreaths. Unfortunately, they're not so popular in Israel, but I'm planning on making some anyhow. This pinecone wreath from The Shady Porch is so beautiful and also looks pretty easy to make.

זר לדלת של The Shady Porch

Rebecca from Hugs are Fun! made this lovely color matching wheel game for the little ones. I immediately added it to my got-to-make-this-for-my-kids! list (this list is just getting longer every day...).
משחק התאמת צבעים לקטנטנים מ-Hugs are Fun

And Heather from Craft Craving can teach you how to make this super easy headband. If you can sew, you can make one. On second thought, why one? Make twenty! Oh well, here's another one for my got-to-make-this-for-my-kids! list...

סרט לראש של Craft Cravings

Thanks for sharing ladies, if you were featured, feel free to grab a button!

The Crafeteria

That's it for today, don't forget to pin your best works into the board!


  1. Hi! We already follow each other, can you please invite me to the feature me board? @oomanoot

    1. Hi, just sent you an invite. Can't wait to see your pins!

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