Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Shop a Week

A Shop a Week
I have some good new and some bad news.

The bad news are that I decided to stop the weekly Pinterest party for a while. I will still feature my favorite pins once in a while, so please do keep on pinning to the board, but as it's taking a lot of time for me to choose the best ones and feature them every week, I felt it leaves me with almost no time for tutorials, recipes, DIY projects etc. I'm still going to feature a special shop every week, though.

Now to the good news... Have you noticed things here were quiet lately? Well, it's because lots of good things are happening. If you checked out my blog in the last few days, you saw I guest posted on Plucky's Second Thought and Sugar Bee Crafts. Tomorrow I'm at Gonna Be 40 with a Hanukkah post and there are many tutorials and other posts on the way (and this is a great opportunity to remind you that I'm always looking for cooperations, so if you have an idea for something we can do together, please email me!)

Anyway, let's move on to our weekly shop. This time we're visiting Gala Studio, a shop by the very talented Gal Almog. Gal says she tries to bring happiness and optimism into people's homes, and I think she does a great job - her works are colorful, bright and beautiful.

מתלה ילדים מגלא
I can already see those pretty hooks on our bathroom door
עגילי יפנית
I just love those Japanese earrings!
מתלה רובוט
Cool robot hook
מתלה בבושקה
I just couldn't ignore this beautiful Matrioshka hook!

And remember, if you know a cool shop, or if you own one, let me know :)

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