Sunday, December 8, 2013

Guest Post - Yael from Derech Hayetsira

Hi Everyone!

I'm Yael from the Israeli blog
Derech Hayetsira.
I started my blog about a year ago, when I began crafting again (mostly cards) during my maternity leave. On my blog I post about activities with kids (I have three adorable kids), interesting events and of course, my projects.
I enjoy Tal's blog and proud to be her guest.
Today I made a card for a new baby using the Paper Piecing Technique.

First, I chose a cardstock to be the base for my card.

Paper Piecing Card Tutorial

Then I folded it in the middle (I want to write inside).
Paper Piecing Card Tutorial

I drew a stork on a piece of white paper.

Paper Piecing Card Tutorial
        Then I chose some nice cardstocks and papers for the different parts of the stork (I chose solid papers, because my background is a bit busy).
         I copied the different parts on the papers I chose (on the wrong side).
Paper Piecing Card Tutorial
Pay attention to the direction of the stork, it's important to copy all parts in the same direction.
Cut all the parts of the stork.
Paper Piecing Card Tutorial
I glued all the parts together and drew around with a black pen (I think I should have used a thicker pen).
I used thick double sided tape for the eye.

Paper Piecing Card Tutorial
Here's my card -
Paper Piecing Card Tutorial



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  1. That is adorable… and so unique. I can only imagine the smile on the face of the recipient:)