Sunday, November 14, 2010

And more about felt...

As I wrote in the last post, I really like working with felt. I think felt is an underestimated material, and you can use it for many many different works. Take this beautiful pillowcase, for example. Or this tutorial for felt crayon roll or these amazing pendant lamps, not to mention the wet felting technique, but we'll talk about it some other time. As I said - fun!

I chose a simple shirt that I bought for my little girl, and began decorating it using felt. I sewed a girl in front and on the back, and here it is:


...and back

And, of course, when my boy saw it, he wanted one too (and of course I was planning to make one for him anyway). But as he's the older one, he also had demands for it. I got a detailed instructions sheet, that had in it a request for a boy ("but not me") in a hot air balloon and clouds. I won't exhaust you with the smallest details (and we're talking about a 4 year-old boy), but here's what I made, to his satisfaction.

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