Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mirror for the kids' play room

I often find myself choose really tiring, long and monotonous tasks. Probably something to do with my genes... Here's a classic example.

I've been trying to find a cute mirror for the kids' play room for a long time, but all I could find was either too sweet and childish or simple and unexceptional. I wanted something happy and colorful, but not too childish, so I decided to do it by myself.

I really love the sixties. Sometimes I wonder if I were born in the wrong decade. I have a feeling that if I were born in the sixties, I'd have more fun (on the other hand, I would be around 60 years old now...). I love almost everything about the sixties - the fashion, the colors, the feeling of freedom, the music. Everything (except for the wars, of course, but we still have wars these days as well...). So I decided to implement this happy decade on the new (and cheap) mirror I bought in Ikea.

I worked with Tulip 3D paint with black marker in between to define the colors. It took me about a week, night after night in front of the TV, but finally, I'm done! I still need to apply lacquer, but I just had to show you the pictures.

A close look...

And closer...

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