Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Few Words on Time Managment and an Easy Crochet Necklace

I'm writing this post part by part. Every morning I promise to myself that today I'll finish writing it, and every evening I decide that it's not the end of the world if I wait with it till the next day. The thing is, I'm missing a few hours a day. An addition of, let's say, 10-12 hours a day could definitely help.  Because - how am I expected to clean, cook, work, play with the kids, prepare a gift for the LO, take care of sick kids (including my husband), sleep 2-3 hours a night (my demands are pretty low), stare a bit in front of the TV (on bad days I'll even take the wall instead), craft, think about costumes for Purim (Jewish Halloween) and write a post?!?!?! So that's it, I'm taking it slowly. I wonder how long it'll take me to actually finish it and post it.

OK, now to the post... At the moment I'm working on something like 15 different projects. But don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining! I actually like it this way. Usually I get bored easily if I have to work on the same project for a few days, so this way I can work on any project I like (when I suddenly have 5 minutes free, of course).
On my list are:
Cardboard puppet theater (almost done, only a few small details to take care of. The kids are playing with it already)
A rug made of plastic bags
A quilt (done with one side! Now I just need to buy stuffing and fabric for the other side, a matter of 2-3 weeks tops)
Crocheted doll (finished a leg and a half)
A cardboard cabinet for the kids' play room (framework done)
Repairing and painting a table I found in my grandma's yard (yesterday I finally began painting it)
Extra items for the felt picnic basket that I've made for my girl's birthday (I'll post pictures sometime...)
Ceramic matryoshka dolls with magnets
Ceramic chess board
And I'm sure there are more that have slipped my mind. But somehow I managed to finish something simple - a crocheted necklace with a flower. I found the super simple tutorial here. It took me about half an hour to crochet it, and 15 minutes to finish all sewing (and I'm slow). You can change the length of the necklace and the flowers, of course. Google "crochet flower" and you'll find hundreds of tutorials to different kinds of crochet flowers, like this one, that one or this one (fake crochet) and also this one, here on The Crafeteria.

I chose to make a necklace very similar to the one on the tutorial - I love the color and simplicity. I made it a bit longer and changed the flower, but I'm the first one to admit - my necklace looks almost like a copy of the original one. Here's mine:

Crochet necklace with flower


  1. Thanks for sharing the information. I didn't know you can crochet necklaces. What a fabulous idea. I just joined a knitting/crochetting group, so this will be on my make list, too. Thanks, Tal!