Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Onesies for babies

I know I promised a felt food tutorial, but I couldn't find the time for it yet. Soon, I promise.

Meanwhile, something else that I've made for friends that gave birth to lovely twins a few months ago. Each baby got an onesie with his name sewn to it and I also added a felt flower for the girl and a car for the boy.

name applique onesies

I wanted to add knitted shoes for the girl and a hat for the boy. I used wool that I ordered from Taobao for the shoes, but ran out of wool in the middle of the second shoe... Time passed and I just couldn't find the same wool anywhere, and my brother isn't coming for a visit from China anytime soon, and the babies kept growing... So... I decided just to give the gift as it is. They will get the shoes and hat for their first birthday...

Here's the one shoe I did manage to finish:

Knitted baby shoe

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