Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Purim is my favorite Jewish holiday. The idea is quite similar to Halloween - it involves costumes and candies as well - although the story is different (most Jewish holidays celebrate how someone tried to kill us and how we, again, managed to survive somehow).

My girl, as expected, wanted to be a ladybug. She has this obsession for ladybugs, and I knew she'll go for that before we even mentioned the holiday. The boy had problems deciding. He changed his mind every 5 minutes or so. He wanted to be a lion, then Mickey Mouse, then a knight and somehow ended up with a cat.

So for my little ladybug I made a red tutu skirt (I used this great tutorial by Sachiko from Tea Rose Home, then I sewed black circles on it. That was the easy part. For the wings I used metal coat hangers. I made 2 circles out of 2 coat hangers, then covered the sharp edges with masking tape. Then I sewed red fabric with black circles onto them and finished with black bias tape. That was looooooong and exhausting... Then I made the antennae - I covered a simple metal headband with black felt and added black pipe cleaners with a small red felt ball. That's it, ready.

ladybug costume for Purim

The cat was easier to make. I bought a fur like fabric ( I know, it looks more like a leopard than a cat, but I guess other moms were quicker than me, so that was the best I could find) and sewed pieces on the tummy, back, elbows and pants. I made the tail out of pipe cleaners wrapped with the fur fabric and ears from felt and fur, sewed to a headband. I used a glue gun to glue the fur onto old shoes and also made gloves with fur sewn onto them, but since this year we had a summery Purim (usually it's cold and rainy this time of the year), he wore them mostly for the pictures...

cat costume

And both together...

ladybug and cat costumes

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