Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Those That Broke and Those That Haven't (Yet)

During the last year I've been taking ceramic classes and I just love it! The best part is to arrive to class after I already forgot what I made last week, just to find out that another bowl is ready. Unfortunately, there's also a down side to ceramic - it breaks.
Now, just to help you understand the situation, a short explanation: In our house live under one roof: one real man, one clumsy woman (calling myself 'a woman'... Now that's funny!), 2 kiddos under 5 years old and 2 cats that enter the house even when they're not invited. This combination sometimes causes my precious ceramic items to break, and somehow it's almost always those bowls it took me hours to make, not the simple, 10-minutes bowls.
So here are a few of my ceramic items. Some are still with us, some are not (some broke before I even managed to take pictures of them, like one of my favorite bowls, that I worked on for 10 hours or so).
ceramic fruit bowl
This is the first bowl I've ever made. Surprisingly, it's still sitting proudly on our countertop.
ceramic snails bowl
 A "snails" bowl that took me hours to make. It has tragically perished when the cat (the dumber of the two) jumped on the countertop in a very un-cattish manner, causing it to meet the floor in a speed and an angle that smashed it to pieces.
ceramic Chinese style bowl
A Chinese style bowl (still with us, thanks for asking)

ceramic flowers
Flowers for the garden. They actually stood in the garden for a while. At some point they just dissapeared one after the other and yesterday, when we weeded our garden, we found two of them hiding underneath the piles of weeds.
ceramic tea pot

And my favorite, a tea pot. One is still sitting on a shelf in our kitchen and one has found a good home at my sister in law's.

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