Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Piggies & Flowers

When I began crocheting, my favorites were crocheted flowers - they're relatively simple and quick. I emphasize the quick part, because I usually tend to begin projects and then finish them years later. But even someone like me can finish a crocheted flower in half an hour. So I made a crocheted necklace with a flower and also added a crocheted flower to a boring tank top, and then I began making more and more flowers. And more. Lots of them. Different colors, different styles and different sizes. At some point I even managed to crochet without a pattern and began improvising. And from these flowers I made headband, like this one, that was shipped all the way to Sweden, to my sister in law's daughter (my model refused to cooperate and handed me over this doll instead...).

crocheted flower headband

crocheted flower headband

crocheted flower headband

Then, at some point, I decided to try and crochet something a bit more complicated, so I googled and googled, and when I saw these sumo piggies, I immediately knew I want them. And I know, mine is not as pretty as the original one and I only had the patience to crochet one, but I love it so much! It's tiny (its height is approx 6-7 cm, with the hair!) and super cute.

crocheted sumo piggie

Anyway, I think I'm going back to crochet flowers...

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  1. How cute!

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