Saturday, August 31, 2013

I'm still here. Exhausted, but here...

So I managed to publish 31 posts in July (remember the Ultimate Blog Challenge?), and I'm about to finish August with 12. Almost half. So on one hand, it's quite a lot for myself. On the other hand, I feel that there are so many things I wanted to write about, and didn't. And remember I said my personal challenge for August is to finally list some items on my Etsy shop? Well, I did, but only three. This isn't exactly what I had in mind...

Flower Headband on my Etst Shop

But along the way we had summer vacation, and then back to school, and next week is Jewish New Year, and I have to make some gifts and cards, and this year I also participated in a local fair, so I have plenty of excuses...

יריד ראש השנה

See those beautiful crochet rugs? My talented mom sells them (and baskets and some other items!).
That's it, I'm off to bed, to rest before another exhausting week begins...
Have a great week!


  1. Thanks :) I know it's a lot more than what I managed to do last year, but I still hoped to get more items listed in my shop by now. School days are definitely better, but we celebrate now Jewish New Year, so we're on holiday again...

  2. I'd love to take part. My Pinterest name is Becco

    1. Great, I sent you an invite, waiting to see your projects!