Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 2 - Let's Talk About Me For a Minute

Second Day to the Ultimate Blog Challenge. What was I thinking when I signed up?... Argggg... Take a deep breath... OK, let's continue.
I've been wanting to write an "About Me" section for a while now, but other things kept on coming up instead. So a-post-a-day challenge is definitely a good excuse for that.

I'm Tal, 30+ years old if you check my ID, a lot less if you ask me. A mother to three little (and cute!) ones, ages 1-7. We live in a small village not far from Tel Aviv, Israel's cultural capital (and one of my favorite cities in the world!). We moved here about 3 years ago, after 8 years in the Far East (Taiwan & China).

I always loved art and crafts, but never tried to do anything related, and to be honest, I never thought I was good at it.
Things started to change 7 years ago, when The Boy was born and I found myself spending hours at home, getting BORED. Somehow, I'm still not sure exactly how, I began working with polymer clay (aka Fimo). I wrote a post about it a couple of years ago, when I was writing a post a month and not a post a day...

Polymer Clay Pendant

That was also when I realized that I can make some money out of it, when I participated in a charity fair and to my surprise sold most of the items I brought with me.
Fast forward a few years, I just love all kind of crafts. The Man can't look anymore at the piles of cardboard boxes / two-legs-tables / old and torn t-shirts and other things that I hoard almost obsessively. But ever since I started, I just can't stop...

Children Play Kitchen
Old cupboard turns play kitchen

Cardboard Puppet Theater
A big cardboard box turns puppet theater

Cardboard Box Castle
Or a castle for princes and princesses birthday party

Plastic Bag Applique
And a plastic bag upcycles a simple tank top

Except that, I also enjoy sewing, crocheting, working with clay, cooking, felting and have some fun with the kids, of course.

So I'd love you to join me on this one month challenge (I'd be happy if you stick around after that as well, of course!). Comments, notes, suggestions etc. are always greatly appreciated. You can also join me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (don't forget to pin your images to the group board!), Google+, Instagram, Bloglovin' and soon on Etsy as well.


  1. Hi Tal! I love trying out crafts as well--although you appear to be much more creative than I . Have you tried to sell crafts online like on Pinterest or Etsy? Much success to you with the blog challenge!

    1. Thanks! I really want to start selling on Etsy, I established a store about two years ago, but haven't posted any items for sale yet, just can't find the time... Maybe it'll be my new challenge after this one is over :)

      Best of luck to you too!

  2. Hello Tal. I enjoyed the pictures of your crafts--very creative. I love doing crafty projects, but don't find that I have a lot of time to include the projects in my schedule. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Happy blogging!

    1. Thanks Stephanie, I also find myself having less and less time for crafting, especially after my LO was born... But I really try to do something new at least once a week. Usually I have like 20 different project lying around...
      Have a great UBC!

  3. That is awesome! You are so crafty! I am not sure how crafty I would be, but I like thinking that I would be able to do something like this.

    I cannot wait to see more crafts :)

    1. Thanks Shay :) Polymer Clay is very easy to work with, it can be a great beginning for you, you can do so many things with it.
      Have a great day!

    2. The black necklace, you made that? Are you able to make any more?

    3. Yes, I made it and I can make more :)

    4. I want one just like that :)

  4. You have some beautiful work. Love the princess castle. :)

  5. Love the pictures of everything you created! I am not so crafty, but I do admire it in others. Saying hello from the UBC!

  6. You're really talented, Tal!