Monday, July 22, 2013

Ultimate Blog Challenge Week in Review

This has been the toughest week so far, I was a post behind most of the time (and even 2 posts behind on one day!), but I'm still here, and I can really see the end (only one more week to go!).

So here's a recap of the last week.

DIY Yarn Lampshade
On Tuesday I showed you the DIY yarn lampshade I made

Papier Mache Chicken
Then I showed you my talented readers (remember our Pinterest group board?)

Link party tracker
Then we talked about link parties and how to track them (download your tracker here)

Cereal Box Turned Magazine Holder Tutorial
Then I showed you how to turn a simple cereal box into a fancy magazine holder

Lemonade Stand
On Saturday I showed you our improvised lemonade stand

And for the finale we had the funniest post ever. A Chinglish post.

Next week I'll show you some of the items that I'm going to sell on my new Etsy shop, we'll have a pacifier clip tutorial, summer activity for the kids and of course - our giveaway winner ( only 2 more days to go, hurry up!).


  1. You had a rather interesting week. I loved the lemonade stand the best I think since it was the kids doing it for ice-cream lol. Hope you're having a great week!

    1. Thanks, it was an interesting week :)
      Hope you're enjoying your week as well!