Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Soon To Be Etsy Shop...

I know, blogging is nice and fun (and time consuming!), but what I really really like to do is crafting. And when I finally find the time for crafting, I sometimes just make a lot of the same item. If I wanted a headband for my daughter, I'll just make 10 of them... So now I have a box full of goodies (that I enjoy giving away to friends and family), but it's time to set them free :)
I decided that next month I'm going to finally upload items on that Etsy shop that I opened something like two years ago (and still standing there empty and lonely). If I managed to write a post a day (well, almost...), I can do that as well!
And since you guys are so nice to me, I'm going to give you a preview of some of the items. I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments about items, pricing, photos etc.

Thanks! :)

Girls Headband

Women Headband

Fabric Button Bobby Pin

Filigree Ring

Flower Bobby Pin

Fabric Button Ring


  1. I really like the headband with the button! They are all very cute. I wish I could make cute things like those. I guess we are not all meant to craft! :)

    1. Thanks Amber! They're not so hard to make, I might publish a tutorial soon :)

  2. I would buy! They are beautiful! And can you make a necklace like you did before?

    I would totally buy one of those!

    1. Thanks Shay, you're so sweet! I promise I will make it (it might take some time, though, with the kids with me all day long during summer vacation...)

  3. Wow, those are really beautiful! Makes me wish I had a little girl. You're very talented.